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Circuit Breakers at Affilaited Electronics

At Affiliated Electronics we carry push to reset electronic circuit breakers. There are different types and many different amperage devices. These type circuit breakers are commonly found in appliances, tools, power distribution, and various other applications.

Snap In Circuit Breaker

The B-8000 series Snap-In Circuit Breakers are thermal circuit breakers, they snap in to install, and manually reset. They are also easy to install where you use glass cartridge fuses and can replace them without panel redesign or repunching.

  • Ratings: 2-20 Amps
  • Input: 125VAC / 250VAC / 32VDC
  • Dielectric Strength: 1500VAC x 200A

Push To Reset Circuit Breaker

The B-7000 series push button thermal circuit breakers are single pole, thermal circuit breakers that feature a recessed reset button which cannot be manually pulled out to disconnect the circuit. When an overload occurs and the breaker opens, it allows the reset button to "pop out" for visible trip indication

  • Ratings: 3-90 Amps
  • 125 VAC / 250VAC / 50VDC
  • Dielectric Strength: 1500 VAC / 1 minute

Other Circuit Breakers

We also have other types of circuit breakers, some may be available at our eBay Store and in stock for sale. Give us a call (918) 622-5763 and check stock.

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